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Fees calculation

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Number of domain names in a complaint You can involve more than one domain name in a single complaint only if the parties and the language of proceedings are the same

Special discount

As of January 1, 2024, there will be a temporary discount on ADR fees of EUR 1200 per filing an ADR complaint provided by EURid. The Complainant in ADR will pay only 100 EUR for the initiation of ADR proceedings. The discount will be granted per each filed complaint irrespective of the number of domain names in dispute and the type of panel requested (for example the fee for disputing one domain name before the single-member panel will be EUR 100 instead of EUR 1 300, the fee for disputing six domain names before the three-member panel will be EUR 2800 EUR instead of EUR 4 000 etc.). The discount is applicable to complaints submitted until December 31, 2024. However, Czech Arbitration Court at its sole discretion may decide at any time to stop this special promotion. 

How to pay:

You shall pay by bank transfer before or upon filing a complaint/response, or (only in case of complaint) upon being notified of unpaid fees at the latest.

Please be aware that we do not issue invoices for the ADR fees.

Bank details of the Czech Arbitration Court:

IBAN: CZ34 0600 0000 0035 9413 0024


Bank: MONETA Money Bank, a.s., Vyskocilova 1442/1b, 140 28 Praha 4 – Michle, Czech Republic

Name of account: Rozhodci soud pri Hospodarske komore CR a Agrarni komore CR

Beneficiary Address: Rozhodci soud pri Hospodarske komore CR a Agrarni komore CR, Vladislavova 17, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Payment description: Case number or the disputed domain name or both

Fee schedule:

Fees of the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) for .eu related disputes

Number of Domain Names involved in the complaint Fee for panelists CAC's Administrative Fee Total Fees Total Fees (1 January 2024 – 31 December 2024)
Single panelist Three panelists Single panelist Three panelists Single panelist Three panelists Single panelist Three panelists
1 to 5 domain names 900

Presiding panelist: 1 200

Each Co-panelist: 600

400 700 1 300 3 100 100 1 900
6 to 10 domain names 1 100

Presiding panelist: 1 500

Each Co-panelist: 800

500 900 1 600 4000 400 2 800
11 to 21 domain names 1 300

Presiding panelist: 1 800

Each Co-panelist: 900

600 1 100 1 900 4 700 700 3 500
21 to 30 domain names 1 500

Presiding panelist: 2 100

Each Co-panelist: 1 050

700 1 300 2 200 5 500 1 000 4 300
31 to 40 domain names 1 700

Presiding panelist: 2 400

Each Co-panelist: 1 200

800 1 500 2 500 6 300 1 300 5 100
41 to 50 domain names 1 900

Presiding panelist: 2 400

Each Co-panelist: 1 200

900 1 700 2 800 7 100 1 600 5 900
51 domain names or more To be decided in consultation with CAC
Request to change language 250   250   500   500  
Challenge of withdrawal of complaint due to administrative deficiency 250   250   500   500  

The Czech Arbitration Court will grant a substantial discount on ADR Fees for ADR Proceedings which have been terminated early. Specifically, when a complaint is withdrawn in accordance with Paragraph B2 (b) of the ADR Rules or an ADR Proceeding is terminated before the panel has been appointed, the CAC will withhold a processing fee equal to the CAC’s share of the total ADR Fees and return the remainder of the ADR Fees to the respective Parties.

The Czech Arbitration Court will return the ADR Fees applicable for filing a challenge to the CAC’s decision to terminate an ADR Proceeding due to administrative deficiencies, if the panel decides in favor of the Complainant.

Explanatory Notes:

  1. All the fees mentioned above are in EUR including VAT on panelist’s fees. The Czech Arbitration Court is not VAT registered.
  2. Fees for multiple domain names are applicable only for ADR Proceedings in which the same Complainant and the same respondent are involved as the Parties and if the same language of ADR Proceeding is applicable for all the disputed domain names.
  3. CAC’s Administrative Fee for disputes (a) – (f) above is comprised of (i) a fee to cover administrative costs of the ADR Center; and (ii) a fee to cover additional costs related to the obligation to administer ADR Proceedings in all the official languages of the EU.
  4. All the fees are payable before respective filings by bank transfer to the following account of the Czech Arbitration Court: IBAN CZ34 0600 0000 0035 9413 0024; BIC: AGBACZPP, variant symbol: [Case Number]