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For Panelists

I am a Panelist. How to proceed in a dispute in which I have been appointed?
  1. Before appointing you as a Panelist in a dispute the CAC will always send you an e-mail to find out whether you are currently able to accept a case, i.e. whether you are not too busy to act in an ADR Proceeding at the moment. The CAC will require you to answer in a short timeframe, usually within 24 hours, to expedite the Proceeding. Should you not answer the CAC will draw no inferences thereof and will contact you again in respect of new appointments.

  2. Should you answer that you are willing to accept the case the CAC will perform the formal selection of Panelist on the platform and you will receive a confirming e-mail about your appointment from

  3. As soon as you receive this e-mail you shall log in the On-line Platform using your Username and Password obtained previously from the CAC. Should you have lost your login information, please go to "On-line Arbitration Platform/Login" found in the upper menu and click on "Forgot Your password?" link.

  4. After logging in you will see the list of cases that you have acted in including the newly suggested one marked with the Procedural step "Panelists' Statement". Click on the respective case number and check the case file to make sure of your impartiality and independence.

  5. Then click on the "Panelists´ Statement" item found in the left hand menu, fill it in and submit using the "File the Form" button.

  6. In case of your acceptance you will be able to submit a decision as soon as the 2 days period for challenging your appointment by the parties expires and the Case Administrator transmits the case file to you via the on-line platform. Should you decline the case you will loose access to it.

  7. During the preparation of the decision please review carefully all the content given on the on-line platform, in particular all Nonstandard Communications.

  8. To submit the decision you have to click on "Dispute Decision" link in the left hand menu again. A form will open into which you shall type the decision. While filling in the decision on-line please bear in mind that the platform is found on secured pages that expire approximately after 2 hours. Therefore you will need to either submit the decision within 2 hours (by "File the form" button) or save your work regularly each 2 hours ("Save" button). Do not forget to always attach a summary to your Decision in English, even if English was the language of the ADR Proceeding.

  9. After submitting the decision please perform the categorization of your decision - the item "Categorization of Decision" is to be found in the left menu as well. Please match as much categories as apply to your decision and file the form.

  10. Should you encounter any problem during acting in a dispute or should you feel that something in unclear in the case file please contact the Case Administrator.

I am a Panelist. Should I wish to act as a representative in an ADR Proceeding do I have to create a separate login?

Yes. Panelist´s account is specific therefore you need a separate account to create disputes.

I would like to become an ADR Panelist. How can I apply?

Please contact us at and we will let you know the details.